Effective Erosion Control

Silt socks are a tubular mesh product, filled with a custom woodchip blend. They form a portable, easily installed, highly effective alternative to traditional erosion control methods in virtually every application. By utilizing the technology of our pneumatic blower trucks, we are able to apply product in hard to reach areas, while causing very little disturbance to sensitive environments.

These “socks” are available in 12” and 18” standard diameters, with lengths custom made as required. Applications include inlet protection, storm drain protection, ditch checks, sediment control on slopes and as an alternative for hay and silt fence.

Silt Socks provide superior physical, chemical and biological filtration, by trapping sediment and silt at the point of contact. Because they are heavier than traditional methods, they require little staking and no trenching for a successful install. Unlike hay bales, Silt Socks maintain a constant ground contact, leaving no areas for unfiltered material to flow thru. A unique feature of Silt Socks is that they do not necessarily need to be removed at project’s end. The sock breaks down over time and will not harm the environment.

The Benefits

  • Easy application in hard to reach areas
  • Superior filtration
  • Minimal failures
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to remove
  • No disposal cost