Latest Mulching Technologies

Meadowbrook has been using the latest in mulch technology since 1999: the Mulch Blower! Our eight machines have the capacity to hold 165 cubic yards of material, with remote control capability by our operator. This allows unmatched control of the installation, with mulch being blown gently into the mulch beds around delicate flowers and shrubs, or adjusted quickly for high speed coverage of larger, more open areas.


Homeowners can avoid spending all of their free time shoveling and spreading yard after yard of mulch.

Each of our mulch blowing machines and crew can install 20-25 cubic yards of material per hour. With a 250 foot reach and remote control capacity, our operator can accurately install mulch right into existing plant beds in any backyard, hill, or pool area, or onto any new construction.


Landscapers and contractors can save time and money by having our crew install their mulch projects. We can install your mulch jobs quickly and cost efficiently, while you and your crews are completing your other jobs.

Whether it’s blowing mulch into existing beds, new constructions or remote commercial properties, we schedule with you to get the job done quickly and profitably.