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Spring is coming!

While we are on the cusp of yet another New England winter, where we will find ourselves behind the wheel of a plow or sanding truck for hours on end. I promise you spring will be here before you know it, and there is no better time to start thinking about your plans for Mulch Season!

We will have a booth at New England Grows 2015, just as we have for several years. This is a great expo that highlights lots of new products, and a chance to meet with vendors from across New England. This year they moved the dates to December 2nd through the 4th, hopefully this year we won’t get snowed out like last!

Swing by and visit us at booth #1348, on the main aisle just before the Sprint Sessions area. We look forward to seeing you there!

Filter Sock – Faster, Easier, More Effective

Filter sock is quickly becoming the go to form of erosion control across the country. This is due to its superior filtration of sediment and other contaminants. As with many other products, there are many options on the market today. Meadowbrook offers several different products to meet your project’s needs. We offer 9” and 12”silt sock on pallets. We also install 12” and 18″ with our blower trucks.

We install the filter sock with our blower trucks along the path that the engineer marks out. With the ability to reach 250’ from our trucks, most jobs are easily installed with no disturbance to the protected area. Boulders, rocky soil, roots, and trees which used to cause headaches when installing Silt Fence; are
no longer an issue when installing silt sock. The filter sock is filled in place, and the weight of the sock keeps ground contact and does not allow any unfiltered water to pass.

Palletized filter sock offers the contractor or DIY homeowner the ability to purchase smaller amounts of silt sock. The pallets are also great when the path of the sock exceeds the 250’ capability of our blower trucks.

Check out this job where we installed 18” filter sock in Westford, Massachusetts. Just the thought of installing silt fence on this job will make you cringe. The install took less than an hour with our blower truck, and conservation was thrilled with its ability to keep ground contact and filter sediments.